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Notre équipe

Notre équipe

Notre équipe
Notre équipe

Tenez-vous prêts à vivre la passionnante mission d'enseigner l'anglais aux plus petits.

Notre priorité est de trouver les personnes qui sauront enseigner et motiver les enfants à apprendre l'anglais, qui connecteront avec eux et feront preuve d'empathie envers les plus petits.

Une grande maîtrise de l'anglais, dynamisme, professionnalisme, empathie et une motivation majeure pour leur travail. Telles sont les principales caractéristiques de notre équipe de professeurs.

Permettez-nous de vous les présenter :

  • ALICE (Director)

    ALICE (Director)

    Hi! My name is Alice and I'm the director of our new Kids&Us school in Auderghem. I'm from Australia and have been living in Belgium for three years. I starting working with Kids&Us in 2018 as a teacher at our Stockel school and was struck with the joy of watching children learn a new language, quickly becoming completely convinced of the effectiveness of our methodology. As a student of french and flemish, knowing well the challenges of learning a new language, I so appreciate the gift you are giving your children by introducing them to English in a fun and immersive way.

  • MILENA (Coordinator & Teacher)

    MILENA (Coordinator & Teacher)

    Hello! My name is Milena, I come from Slovakia and I am 23 years old. Having grown up in an international environment, I would love to share my diverse educational background in the most fun way possible! I am grateful to be part of the dynamic Kids&Us team and can't wait to meet you!

  • ANDRIANA (Teacher)

    ANDRIANA (Teacher)

    Hi! My name is Andriana. I was born in Ukraine and, from a young age, have been travelling all around the world with my family. I'm now living in Belgium whilst finishing my Master Studies. I truly enjoy arts, and have completed my Bachelor in the Field of Graphic Design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. My second passion is languages. Ever since I began encountering new cultures and languages, I became truly fascinated with the process of language learning. To this day I remember my first day in my first International School, and how learning English forever changed my life. Joining Kids&Us team gave me an opportunity to discover English from a whole new angle. A truly fun and engaging process! I always try and bring an aspect of creativity into the classroom and greatly enjoy working with children.

  • LUNA (Teacher)

    LUNA (Teacher)

    Hello! My name is Luna and I'm from Belgium. I have been an ESL tutor for many years before joining Kids&Us and now I will be teaching Linda, Emma and Marcia this year! I speak Japanese, French and English and I am completing my masters degree in Educational Science. See you soon!

  • KLEA (Teacher)

    KLEA (Teacher)

    Hello! I'm Klea and I've been with Kids&Us for 3 years, working across our Brussels schools. This year, I'm so happy to be teaching Sam and Oliver!

  • CLAIRE (Teacher)

    CLAIRE (Teacher)

    Hello! My name is Claire and I'm from Uganda. I have been a Kindergarten teacher for years in Uganda and now having recently moved to Belgium, I'm excited to join Kids&Us! This year I'll be teaching the levels of Mousy, Sam and Emma!

  • VAN NHI (Teacher)

    VAN NHI (Teacher)

    Hi! I'm Vani I'm from Vietnam. This year, I'll be teaching at our Auderghem & Stockel schools covering the levels of Oliver, Marcia and Ben & Brenda!

  • MEGAN (Teacher)

    MEGAN (Teacher)

    Hi, I'm Megan and I'm from Belgium. I'm completing my masters degree in Modern Languages and Linguistics, studying bilingualism, neurolinguistics, and language acquisition. This year I'll be teaching Oliver, Basic 1 and Basic 2 as well as being a camp leader during our Funweeks!

  • JAYANI (Teacher)

    JAYANI (Teacher)

    Hello! My name is Jayani, I am 19 years old and I come from Barbados and the USA. I have a great passion for languages so, in addition to being fluent in English, I have also studied French, Spanish, and Korean. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in International Affairs, therefore I am very interested in cultural exchange. This year I’ll be teaching Emma, Oliver, and Ben&Brenda at our Auderghem and Stockel schools. I really love teaching all the students and I am excited to watch them learn and grow over the year!

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